Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Firefox on CDE control Panel

To make a default browser, Claude Charest suggested
the following (at sunman mail list):

cd /usr/dt/bin
ln -s /where_is_the_new_browser_prg (ln -s
AND MODIFY sdtwebclient like this:
X> sun# diff sdtwebclient.orig sdtwebclient
X> 5c5
X> < DEFAULT_BROWSER_LIST="netscape mozilla
sun_netscape netscape6"
X> ---
X> > DEFAULT_BROWSER_LIST="firefox netscape mozilla
sun_netscape netscape6"

Christopher Singleton wrote:

> I'm running a fully patched Solaris 9 on a SB 150. I just
>downloaded Firefox and set it up in my /opt directory, and would like
>to use the browser icon to launch firefox and not the default netscape
>(I'm using CDE, which is needed for one of my apps). I've tooled
>around a bit in /etc/dt and usr/dt, but can't find exactly what I
>need to modify to get it to launch firefox when I click on the CDE
>browser icon. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,


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