Tuesday, May 24, 2005

kill sunray session

:%Is there a way to cleanly kick off a sun ray user when his session
:%is disconnected, as root ?

:%On a workstation, I usually broke the screen saver with the root
:%password and logged the user out manually.

:%On the Sun Ray server (with NSCM), there are no screen locks.
:%It would be nice if root was able to connect to any Sun Ray
:%session by e.g. logging in with the user's login and root's password

:%I know I can kill the users Xsession process, but this was always
:%the last resort, as a user might have open windows with unsaved

We are going to put an RFE in for this such that there will be an option
that the root password will allow the user to connect to an arbitrary
users session. Hopefully, one that is disconnected.

Currently, the cleanest way to kill a Sun Ray session is with
utsession -k.


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