Thursday, May 19, 2005

only root can print

TOPIC: only root can print

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Date: Wed,May 18 2005 12:35pm
From: sheila

I saw this once about a decade ago.
Permissions on dev/null were goofed up by the install of the jetdirect
software. I think dev/null is supposed to be root:sys 666
Make sure you're looking at the perms of the actual file dev/null
points to on your system and not must the permissions on the link.

I also recall that the lpsched log file needed to be writable by the
user trying to print or there'd be no printout & no error message.
Maybe yer not even using lpsched these days.

Like I said, this was a really long time ago on an older OS.

Hope this helps.

wolfgang mair wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm experiencing a weird problem here.
> I'm on solaris 9 and the print jobs are spooled local and then send
to a
> hp jetdirect box.
> If I try to print as a normal user:
> $ banner hallo | lp -d hp5mis
> request id is hp5mis-7632 (standard input)
> The print job turns up in the lpstat -t command for a few seconds and

> then vanishes. I also can see the job in the /var/lp/logs/requests.
> looks really like it was sent to the printer, but it wasn't. (Can't
> anything with snoop)
> Also couldn't find anything in the /var/adm/messages.
> And, if I do the same as root, everything looks the same, but it
> Any ideas?
> Thank you
> Wolfgang


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