Thursday, May 19, 2005

Open files df -k pfiles lsof

Date: Wed,May 18 2005 2:43pm
From: Ade Fewings

BL wrote:
> Hi all,
> My solaris 9 box running veritas volume manager 4.0.
> A file system display wrong "df -k" although I have deleted lots of big
> files.
> The usage of that file system is incorrect. That means, suppose I only used
> 10% space, but
> the "df -k" shows that the file system has used 60%. After reboot, the
> problem seems solved.
> What's the reason? and, what command I can fix the problem if I don't want
> to reboot?
> Thanks

Probably some processes still running that have open file handles to
stuff you believe has been deleted. It won't go until the file handles
all go, which happens at a reboot. 'lsof' and 'pfiles' may help you out.



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