Tuesday, May 24, 2005

solaris root shell no shell

Back when I was working with some Solaris servers about 3 years ago, we
had some problems which were traced back to one of the administrators
setting the default root shell to ksh.
KSH was the default shell in AIX and HPUX, of course Linux default shell
was bash.
There there was undesirable boot behavior when you set root DEFAULT shell
to anything but borne shell. What we ended up having to do was the last
two lines on the profile were
sleep 60

if you dont run into any trouble. Great, if you run into particularly
strange boot behavior change ROOT default shell to bourne shell and see if
that fixes it.

Three administrators and I worked this issue, finally took it up with a
senior Sun engineer. The senior Sun engineer at that time who explained
that you DON'T set default shell for root to anything but borne shell
because bootup requires borne shell.


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