Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Deport/Import diskgroups

Disk Group Tips

Diskgroups can be moved from one system to another system. On the
original system, unmount any volumes in the disk group to be deported
and stop them with the command "vxvol stop". Then deport the disk
group with the command "vxdg deport".

Move the disks physically to the new system and either reboot the
system so that Veritas recognizes the new disks, or use the command
"vxdctl enable" to restart vxconfigd.

Import the disks with the command "vxdg import". Then restart all
volumes in the disk group with the command "vxrecover -g -sb".

To rename diskgroups during deport/import, run the deport/import
command with the argument "-n ". After importing the diskgroup, run
the command "vxprint -hrt". The volumes that belong to the imported
disk group may be DISABLED. Run the command "vxinfo "volume name" to
be sure that the volumes are "startable". Then run "vxrecover -s" to
enable each volume.

If the disks in question have been moved due to the crash of the
original system, then they will not have been properly deported and
will be locked. To unlock the disks, run the command "vxdisk
clearimport" or "vxdg -C import". Be sure not to run these commands if
the original system has physical access to the disks since that would
allow access to the disks from multiple hosts and possibly cause data

How To: Deport/Import

Disk groups can be moved from one system to another with the
deport/import commands. The same technique can be used to rename a
disk group by deporting the disk group with a new name.

1. Unmount any filesystems on the disk group

2. Stop any volumes on the disk group:

vxvol stop

3. Deport the disk group:

vxdg deport

4. Import the disk group:

vxdg import

5. Restart and resynchronize the disk group:

vxrecover -g -sb

6. Remount any filesystems from the disk group

If you have any problems, check the status of volumes on the disk group:


To rename the disk group during deport/import, use the -n argument:

vxdg deport -n


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