Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Backup strategy


I would need a great deal more information to give you a clear answer.
I work in an environement with over 500 windows servers. Currently we
are using NetBackup by Veritas (Symantic now). Previously, when
we were at 250 servers, we used BackupExec.

I have reviewed many options of work group and enterprise solutuions
over the past six years, so I can give you a pretty good idea of what
to look to.

Here is the information I need:

How many serversdo you need to back up?
How much data is backedup on a Full backup?
Do you know the backup stratigy you would like to use?
That is, do you want to perform an incremental on a daily
basis, or a differential? I would assume you would want to perform a
full once a week.
Are you running MS SQL and / or Oracle?
What are you using for email systems?
Do you have SAN disk storage in place?
Are you concerned about backing up UNIX as well as Windows?
Is there a possibility of backing up clients?
What hardware do you have to work with? How old is it?
What budget do you have to work with?

Once you get this information to me, I will be able to help you make
that decision.

Mark Bellows


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