Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"umount: I/O error"

"umount: I/O error"
umount: cannot unmount /mount_point
I received this error on a Solaris 8 system when the disk containing a
Veritas volume failed. After killing all the processed identified with
fuser -c /mount_point and confirming no other processes were in use in
the file system with lsof +D /mount_point, I had to issue the umount
-f /mount_point command to forcibly unmount the file system:

# umount /file_system
umount: I/O error
umount: cannot unmount /file_system
# fuser -c /file_system
# lsof +D /file_system
# umount -f /file_system
# mount | grep /file_system

For Solaris users, only Solaris 8 and later provide the umount -f
("force") flag. Other Unices may have the "force" flag for umount.


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