Friday, September 16, 2005

a cheatsheet with Sun commands to nmanage these storage arrays?

Original question:
I just inherited a bunch of A1000, D1000, D5200
connected to Sun's 4500,6500, E420 etc..
Some are standalone, some Veritas Vxvm/VCS controlled.
Does anybody have a cheatsheet with Sun commands to
manage these storage arrays?

Darren Dunham from TAOS.COM summed it best:

A1000/A3500 have on-board RAID controllers. You need
to grab Raid manager 6.22.1 from Sun (and not be
running Solaris 10) to manage them.

'rm6' is the GUI tool that's generally used.

D1000 is JBOD scsi. No real commands here.

A5x00 are JBOD fiber. The only commands you might
need here would be 'luxadm' to aid online/offline and
discovery of individual drives. You might also need
'cfgadm' to configure controllers or targets up and


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