Friday, September 16, 2005

Solaris 8 hung on boot.

RE: Solaris 8 hung on boot.

If you want to determine what is is hanging on, you can:
- boot from CD
- mount the root FS
- edit /etc/rc2

find the section that looks like this:

for f in /etc/rc2.d/S*; do
if [ -s $f ]; then
case $f in
*.sh) . $f ;;
*) /sbin/sh $f start ;;

and change the line with 'start' on it to look like this:

*) /sbin/sh -x $f start ;;

- unmount the FS, and reboot.

On the next start up, you will see a verbose output of what is actually
running. You should then be able to determine what line the startup is
hanging on. That will give us/you a better idea of what's wrong. Often, it's
network related, like it can't resolve a name or address encountered in a
config file somewhere.



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