Friday, September 02, 2005

Solaris GUI not displaying

Solaris GUI not displaying

Hi. I'm a newbie to Solaris so please be gentile!! <grin>

Have a problem getting the KDE or CDE (?)... GUI running.

I have a SunFire V880 with Solaris 9 and Oracle 10G currently running.
The box and apps were running fine and the GUI displayed as well.
The Oracle DBA wanted to "tune" memory so he made a change to a
parameter in the /etc/system file. Upon completeing this change he
gracefully shutdown the box (init 6). The box failed to boot up and
the display would not show at all, dark screen. So we thought it
might be a problem in the KVM and therefore direct connected a Sun
monitor to the box. This showed us a command line and the OS
complaining about a memory error.

I arrived on site and initiated a boot from the solaris 9 cd, mounted
the partition and edited the /etc/system file restoring the original

Rebooted the box and (it took a Looonnnggg while 10+ minutes) the OS
started, Oracle started, but the X server failed.

So my customers are happy that the dB is running but I can't get X to start.


Thanks in advance ---Kenny


What happens if you do the following at the command prompt:


Do you have /usr/openwin/bin as part of your PATH environment variable?



Hello, When I enter "xinit" I receive the following:

X: syntax error at line 1: `(' unexpected
/xinit: server error

Thanks for helping!


Going that route, you could try entering it into your PATH statement.

I've recently been going thru the same stuff and found that if I entered
the following, as long as I was running and configured for 'X', that my
GUI came up.
Simply type /usr/dt/bin/Xsession &

Good luck!,

Chris Barbot


Are you trying to start X from the console or a remote machine? If you
are using a remote machine, are you using "telnet"? If you're on a
remote machine make sure you do the following:

1. Before logging into the server, run the following command; "xhost
<server hostname>"
2. After logging into the server, run the following command; "export
DISPLAY=<hostname of your remote machine>"

I run the k-shell so your syntax for #2 will be different if you use csh
or sh. The error that is returned when you run xinit is indicative of a
shell error, not a program error. Did you run "xinit" or
"/usr/openwin/bin/xinit"? Determine if you are running the proper
"xinit" command by using, "which xinit". You can also use, "file
/usr/openwin/bin/xinit" to determine if the "xinit" command you are
calling is shell script or an executable.



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