Thursday, September 08, 2005

Solaris X86 Jumpstart using DHCP and PXE

Subject: Summary: Solaris X86 Jumpstart using DHCP and PXE

Here was my question:

I need to install 460 pcs with Solaris 10 3/05. My Boot and Install Server
are based on a Ultra Sparc 250 system.
If a install any PC using rarp everything works perfect. The pc is installed
automatic using the configuration store in the sysidcfg, etc, etc

But here is the problem. All the 460 pc need to be installed using DHCP and
PXE procedure.

The pc boot from the net perfect, but I do not why ignores the sysidcfg and
start a interactive install.

I have done:

- ran the add_install_client
- checked the files in /tftpboot
- added a macro to my DHCP server
- added a PXE macro to my DHCP server
- added a client entry which includes the network_ip macro
- added all the vendor options to the network_ip macro


Create a file "system.conf" file under the /etc/netboot under de jumpstart
directory tree and add the following entries to the system configuration


And voila!!!!

Thanks to Andrew


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