Friday, September 16, 2005

touch: /opt/FrontBase/Backups/Test cannot create

Dear managers,

I got a bunch of responses to my summary telling me that using anon=0
is no good. It gives root access to everyone which is definitely not
what I want. My first attempt

share -F nfs -o rw,root=merkur /opt/FrontBase/Backups

failed. I finally tried it with the FQDN

share -F nfs -o rw,root=merkur.smartsoft.internal

and this works like a charm.

Thanks a lot!



> Mike suggested to do
> Share -F nfs -o rw,root=<hostname or ipaddress of client>
> /opt/FrontBase/Backups
> This did not make a difference. I then followed the suggestion of
> Saxon and Michael.
> share -F nfs -o ro,anon=0 /export/install
> This worked! Thanks a lot!
> Original posting:
>> Dear managers,
>> I have exported a directory on a Solaris 8 machine as follows
>> share -F nfs -o rw /opt/FrontBase/Backups
>> and mounted the directory on a Sol 9 machine with
>> mount -F nfs /opt/FrontBase/Backups
>> mount tells me that the directory is mounted read write.
>> /opt/FrontBase/Backups on
>> remote/read/write/setuid/xattr/dev=4900003 on Wed Aug 24 14:22:55 >> 2005
>> However, creating a file as root on the Sol 9 machine fails:
>> bash-2.05# touch /opt/FrontBase/Backups/Test
>> touch: /opt/FrontBase/Backups/Test cannot create
>> What am I missing?


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