Friday, October 21, 2005

Configuring Qlogic HBA card

Subject: SUMMARY Configuring Qlogic HBA card

I found the solution. Thanks to those who replied!


ok> show-devs
<QLGC entry>
ok> select <QLGC entry>
ok> show-children
<Lists info about card such as WWN, LoopId Lun>
ok> show-connection-mode
Current HBA connection mode: 2 - Loop preferred,
otherwise point-to-point

(Possible connection mode choices:
0 - Loop Only
1 - Point-to-point only
2 - Loop preferred, otherwise point-to-point)

ok> set-connection-mode (0, 1, or 2)
ok> show-data-rate
Current HBA data rate: One Gigabit rate

Possible data rate choices:
0 - One Gigabit rate
1 - Two Gigabit rate
2 - Auto-negotiated rate

ok> set-date-rate (0, 1, or 2)
To set the data rate.

More info can be found at


Original Question:

I have a QLogic 2300 card in a SF V440. I am trying to
install SecurePath but the card is not seen by Solaris
8. (It is seen at OBP level)
At my last job I had a similar problem which I fixed
by setting the speed at the OBP level. *The card is
set to autoneg but I need to force it to 1 gig)
Unfortunately I could not keep my notes from that job
and cannot for
the life of me remember how to set the speed.
Has anyone got notes on how to do it. I have spent 2
hours scouring google with no luck.


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