Friday, October 07, 2005

DE/dtterm: any *mouseless* way to "blacken" (whole screen?)

I noticed that 2-click selects word, 3-click selects line
so I tried 4-click to see what happens :-)


Subject: Re: CDE/dtterm: any *mouseless* way to "blacken" (whole
screen?)? Via key-stroke?

> >> Any key-direct way to "choose" the whole screen?

> >I don't think dtterm (or xterm) has a Select All (mouseless) feature.
> >The shortest way I can think of is to quad-click on the screen
> >to select all. It's not mouseless but beats dragging the mouse.

> A "quad-click"? 4 clicks, fast?

> What (short doc) did you read to learn that?

Actually, the quadruple click was defined in the Nextstep Human
Interface Guidelines - the reasoning was:

Single click - set insertion point
Double click - select word
Triple click - select line
Quadruple click - select all text

A somewhat logical progression. Mind you, I'm going off my memory here
(it's been a while since I've messed about with OpenSTEP).



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