Friday, October 21, 2005

Mirror Removal

How To: Mirror Removal

To remove a mirror from a volume (i.e., to remove one of the plexes
that belongs to the volume), run the following command:

vxplex -o rm dis

Any associated subdisks will then become available for other uses. To
remove the disk from Volume Manager control entirely, run the
following command:

vxdisk rm

For example, "vxdisk rm c1t1d0s2".

How To: Mirror Backup

The following techniques can be used to backup mirrored volumes by
temporarily taking one of the mirrors offline and then reattaching the
mirror to the volume once the backup has been run.

1. Disassociate one of the mirrors from the volume to be backed up:

vxplex dis

2. Create a new, temporary volume using the disassociated plex:

vxmake -g -U gen vol tempvol plex=

3. Start the new volume:

vxvol start tempvol

4. Clean the new volume before mounting:

fsck -y /dev/vx/rdsk//tempvol

5. Mount the new volume and perform the backup

6. Unmount the new volume

7. Stop the new volume:

vxvol stop tempvol

8. Disassociate the plex from the new volume:

vxplex dis

9. Reattach the plex to the original volume:

vxplex att

10. Delete the temporary volume:

vxedit rm tempvol

To display the current Veritas configuration, use the following command:


To monitor the progress of tasks, use the following command:

vxtask -l list

To display information related to plexes, run the following command:

vxprint -lp


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