Friday, October 14, 2005

Network Configuration configure the driver

Network Configuration

This section describes how to configure the driver after it has been
installed on your system.
To Configure the Host Files

After installing the Sun GigabitEthernet adapter driver software, you
must create a file for the adapter's Ethernet interface. You must also
create both an IP address and a host name for the Ethernet interface
in the /etc/hosts file.


At the command line, use the grep command to search the
/etc/path_to_inst file for ge interfaces.

For Sun GigabitEthernet/P:

The following example shows the device instance from an adapter
installed in slot 1.

# grep ge /etc/path_to_inst
"/pci@1f,4000/network@1" 0 "ge"

For Sun GigabitEthernet/S:

The following example shows the device instance from an adapter
installed in slot 0.

# grep ge /etc/path_to_inst
"/sbus@1f,0/network@1" 0 "ge"


Create an /etc/<num> file, where num is the instance
number of the ge interface you plan to use.

If you wanted to use the adapter's ge interface in the Step 1
example, you would need to create a /etc/hostname.ge0 file, where 0 is
the number of the ge interface. If the instance number were 1, the
file name would be /etc/hostname.ge1.

Do not create an /etc/hostname.genum file for a Sun
GigabitEthernet adapter interface you plan to leave unused.

The /etc/hostname.genum file must contain the host name
for the appropriate ge interface.

The host name should have an IP address and should be
entered in the /etc/hosts file.

The host name should be different from any other host name
of any other interface: for example, /etc/hostname.ge0 and
/etc/hostname.ge1 cannot share the same host name.

The following example shows the /etc/hostname.genum file
required for a system called zardoz that has a Sun GigabitEthernet
adapter (zardoz-11).

# cat /etc/hostname.ge0
# cat /etc/hostname.ge1


Create an appropriate entry in the /etc/hosts file for each
active ge interface.

For example:

# cat /etc/hosts
# Internet host table
# localhost zardoz loghost zardoz-11


If your system does not support Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR), reboot.


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