Friday, October 14, 2005

plumb and unplumb

> Basically it seesm its unplumbed but still existing in the running system
> so commands like
> arp -a
> netstat -i
> should show it,

No. Unplumbed devices do *NOT* appear in either of those two lists.
Unplumbed devices are simply unknown to IP and ARP.

> If you dont want to reboot, try plumbing and unplumbing it, might do the
> trick.

Very likely not.

Driver loading and operation is only indirectly related to plumbing.
"Plumb" means that IP opens the driver (triggering it to load into
memory if necessary) and begins using it.

"Unplumb" means only that IP closes the driver stream. If the driver
itself is still in memory (and a driver that manages multiple
instances and has one instance still plumbed, as in the original
poster's stated configuration, is certainly in that state), then --
depending on how the driver itself is designed -- may still be
fielding interrupts from the underlying hardware.

Plumbing and unplumbing IP will do nothing in that case.


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