Friday, October 14, 2005

Replacing Multiple Failed Disks on StoreEdge T3 Array

Replacing Multiple Failed Disks on StoreEdge T3 Array

You had a double failure, the data is lost, so the system cant reenable it
on its own, the simplest is to remove the volume and rebuild it so that it
can create the parity correctly.

With a single failure it would have recovered on its own when you replaced
the drive, if it doesnt you recover it with

vol recon <drive> [from Standby]

if you didnt have a standby it can recover anyway, it just takes longer.

Also see to that you have the latest firmware for the array and that no
disk in the log has given the "disk error 03" code which might indicate
that they will be kicked out of config during an upgrade of firmware or
very soon after.

running the command

vol verify <volume>

once a week is a good practice since it will test for read failures
hopefully before you have double ones, check the log for the test result.


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