Friday, October 14, 2005

ufsdump warning

> lolo wrote:
>> When a make ufsdump
>> /usr/sbin/ufsdump 0uf Server1:/dev/rmt/On /export/home

>> I have this message

>> DUMP: Dumping (Pass IV) [regular files]
>> DUMP: Warning - block 1543503872 is beyond the end of `/dev/md/rdsk/d3'
> that's a typical error when you try to backup a filesystem that is
> active. Either unmount /export/home or check "man fssnap"

I've never seen that error on simply an active filesystem.
If the filesystem is larger than d3, you can get that message.

To the OP, can you post 'metastat d3', and 'fstyp -v /dev/md/rdsk/d3 |
grep size', and prtvtoc info for the disk or disks holding d3?


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