Friday, October 07, 2005

V440 hardware disk mirroring

Subject: Summary: V440 hardware disk mirroring

Many thanks to every one who replied,
the builtin LSI controller does not show any progress indicator
when syncing disks, ie '% complete'; there is no extra arg to the
'raidctl' cmd that will cause a progress indicator to be displayed.

only two of the four internal disks can be mirrored with the
builtin hardware RAID controller, the other 2 internal disks
can be mirrored with SVM.


> I have bunch of newly bought V440 servers and am keen on using the
> Hardware Mirroring feature.
> One thing I have noticed that there does not seem to be any indication
> of a progress when rebuilding/syncing the disks.
> Q:
> o does anyone know where I can get more information on this
> hardware feature ?
> o is there a way to see the progress when it is syncing disks ?
> o after a server is built and mirroring is active, can one disk
> be pulled out and used in another server as a base for that new
> system ? I've been doing this with DiskSuite for some time now but
> an not sure how this will work under hardware mirroring.
> o does anyone have any good or bad things that in regards to
> hardware mirroring that might help me ?


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