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Hi all.
Sorry for my english.
I have E4800 server, T3 array and SAN. My server have 2 FC adapters.
One for T3, other for SAN (HP EVA5000, QLA2300). After reboot I see:
qlc driver trying attach to both FC adapters, but cannot attach to
QLA2300. I installed driver qla2300 from, but not initialized.
Always qlc driver trying to attach to FCA 2300. What do I need to do ?


Maybe you must look and configure the qla.conf.
The best is, you look here for answers:


The qlc driver can not attach to the QLA2300 card because the QLA2300
card does not with with the QLC driver. This is normal.

However, you should be able to install the qla driver and run both
drivers at the same time.


The first thing to check is who's HBA each is by looking at the PCI identifiers.

Look at the output of the "prtconf -vpD" command.

Each HBA will have two lines that are important. The first to appear
is "compatible:" and the second is "name:"
compatible: 'pci1077,2.1077.2.5' + 'pci1077,2.1077.2' + 'pci1077
,2' + 'pci1077,2200.5' + 'pci1077,2200' + 'pciclass,10000' + 'pciclass,0000'
name: 'QLGC,qla'

Now the OS will then look for a "name" listed in the
/etc/driver_aliases to match a driver to the HBA. If a "name" is not
found the OS starts using each of the compatible entries and will
match drivers to those entries.

What you could do is run the following commands and post their output
here and I'll tell you what's wrong:

prtconf -vpD | grep 1077
grep ql /etc/driver_aliases



Did you ever get a resolution for this? I have almost the exact same
situation and have been unable to get the QLA driver to attach to the


402) root@cohuxfs27:/etc/cfg/fp> prtconf -vpD | grep 1077
compatible: 'pci1077,2300.1077.106.1' + 'pci1077,2300.1077.106' +
'pci1077,106' + 'pci1077,2300.1' + 'pci1077,2300' + 'pciclass,0c0400'
+ 'pciclass,0c04'
subsystem-vendor-id: 00001077
vendor-id: 00001077
compatible: 'pci1077,2200.1077.4082.5' + 'pci1077,2200.1077.4082' +
'pci1077,4082' + 'pci1077,2200.5' + 'pci1077,2200' + 'pciclass,010000'
+ 'pciclass,0100'
subsystem-vendor-id: 00001077
vendor-id: 00001077
compatible: 'pci1077,2200.1077.4082.5' + 'pci1077,2200.1077.4082' +
'pci1077,4082' + 'pci1077,2200.5' + 'pci1077,2200' + 'pciclass,010000'
+ 'pciclass,0100'
subsystem-vendor-id: 00001077
vendor-id: 00001077
compatible: 'pci1077,2200.5' + 'pci1077,2200' + 'pciclass,010000' +
vendor-id: 00001077
(403) root@cohuxfs27:/etc/cfg/fp> grep ql /etc/driver_aliases
qlc "pci1077,2200"
qlc "pci1077,2300"
qlc "pci1077,2312"
qla2300 "pci1077,9"
qla2300 "pci1077,100"
qla2300 "pci1077,101"
qla2300 "pci1077,102"
qla2300 "pci1077,103"
qla2300 "pci1077,104"
qla2300 "pci1077,105"
qla2300 "pci1077,109"
qla2300 "pci1077,116"
qla2300 "pci1077,115"


I extracted the file from the QLogic SCLI utility.
It has an index of the identities of the QLogic cards. That first one
of 1077,106 is a Sun Amber-2 X6767, not an HP card as you thought.

The two 1077,4082 cards are Sun Amber HBA ports.

Lastly the 1077,2200,5 is probably either a generic qlogic card or a
fibre down if this is a SB100/280R...


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